• Resolutions for Your Relationship in 2022

              Every January allows a new opportunity for personal and professional renewal but why not focus on renewing your relationship as well. Typically, people make New Year’s Resolutions to replace negative behaviors with new resolutions which tend to fade by mid-February. For 2022, focus on setting achievable goals to improve the quality of your relationship in 2022. Below are four suggested relationship goals to try. 

    1. Pick a new hobby to engage in together. It’s so easy to fall into a rut of doing the same thing week after week or engaging in separate interests. Exploring new ventures creates opportunities to spend more quality time together and bring new energy to the relationship. This could be anything from taking up ballroom dancing, home remodeling, getting fit, cooking, or volunteering.  
    2. Plan routine, weekly date nights as you did when you were dating. If you have kids, it takes a bit more planning but make plans to have bi-weekly date nights, at a minimum. Dating your spouse starts long before the actual date. It means paying attention and doing the little special things that express your love and respect for your spouse. Think outside of the box and be creative by choosing various and unique random activities that each of you like then take turns exploring new adventures to have more fun. Then select a regularly scheduled night and commit to it; there is no reason you cannot make the effort to revitalize your relationship.  
    3. Be fully present when you are together. This is the age of technology overload, and we leave technology on our jobs and come home and get back into technology be it the TV, computer, video game, and/or cell phones. I hear so many couple claim they don’t have enough time for each other but when I ask them how they spend their time in the evenings, it is usually doing things independent of each other. After you get settled in from work and get the kids in bed, if that applies, take at least 30 minutes to talk about your day but don’t spend too long on the negative aspects, talk about the positive. Make a rule of no phones at the dinner table, in the bedroom, or before you spend quality time with each other first. Communication improves the more you practice being fully present. 
    4. Focus on what you can do to make life better for your spouse rather than focusing on what they can do for you. My pastor once said in bible study that if each partner focuses on outdoing the other, how can you lose? Do something from the heart without any expectation of the favor returned. Sometimes you can influence positive behavior in the other just by exuding it. 

              Start you New Year off with some of these suggestions but you should take time to name goals relevant to the needs of your relationship. Change can only happen through action and remember; nothing beats a failure but a try.